Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First BlackBerry A10 Phablet Specs Revealed

BlackBerry’s new A10 phablet has hit the internet and new photos and video shows off the new 5-inch screen of the upcoming device, the company’s rumored BlackBerry 10 powerhouse and next flagship smartphone.


The leaked pictures of the BlackBerry A10 comes from BGR, and it shows a new BlackBerry smartphone that takes a few design cues from its Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S4. The top half of the phone looks relatively similar to the Galaxy S4 with a black bezel that extends to the edge of the phone, while the bottom half looks like the Z10.

BlackBerry A10 (Codename Aristo) A-Series device specs as as below.

BlackBerry A10
The specs do improve on the Z10 to make it BlackBerrys next flagship smartphone and hopes are still high on this that the dated slide deck and BlackBerry has updated the internals. We know they have multiple prototypes going around so it should be interesting to see how the device finally launches. The main feature is the non-removable battery. So moving as per the timeline, BlackBerry is on their toes.

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