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Dell Vostro 1450 - A mid size laptop from Dell.

I have been using Dell Vostro 1450 since 3 months now and I can now review it for you people out there. First, the configuration. Windows 7 SP1 running on 2GB DDR3 RAM with intel i3 having 300GB of HDD. Sounds cool, isn't it, but let me expand this a bit more. First, I will again point out the goods and bads in this gadget and will conclude whether to buy it or not.

Open it up, push the power button, and go make your self some coffee/ tea whatever takes more time to make, because this laptops boot up time is hell lot more than any others. On my watch, when it was just a week old, i calculated and it took about 1m 27s to completely take me to the loaded desktop(my desktop has only 3 icons). The average time for this vostro is ridiculously more than any other which i have used. I was earlier using acer aspire 4720z which was running windows XP SP3 at 1GB and 160 HDD, and it was pretty quick to boot up. Well, any ways, I know its due to the operating system but my desktop has windows XP @ 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD on AMD processor and it takes me 10-15 seconds (max) to boot up.

Coming to its performance - This is amazing that a laptop which is such a slow starter performs quite well while completely turned on ;)

I use it for programming, I am running eclipse, sql/ oracle DBs, servers, browse internet and it performs quite well with them. I have never had any issues of it freezing completely while I am working on it.  My C:/ drive is 25gb filled out of 50gb allocated and rest 125 is allocated to  D:/ and F:/.

Vostro 1450 Laptop Dell Vostro 1450

Below are the technical spec from

Processor/ Chipset/ Video Card

  • 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3-2350M processor (2.30 GHz, 1333, 3M cache)

  • Intel® Mobile HM 67 Express chipset

  • Intel® HD Graphics/ Intel® HD Graphics 3000( It depends on processor selected)

  • 14.0" HD WLED Anti-Glare (1366x768)

  • Optical Drive 8X DVD+/-RW


  • 6-cell Lithium Ion (48WHr)

  • 65 Watt Slim AC Adapter

  • 90 Watt Slim (required for Vostro1450 with discrete graphics)


  • 2 Speakers (2x2W)
    Integrated 1.3 MP camera with digital microphone


  • Wireless — 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth® Combo V3.0+HS
    Integrated Wired: Gigabit Ethernet network

Ports, Slots & Chassis

  • Network connector RJ45

  • VGA

  • HDMI

  • (3) USB 2.0

  • AC adapter connector

  • Headphone jack

  • Microphone jack

  • 3-in-1 card reader

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Width: 342mm / 13.5

  • Height: 31.5-34.7mm / 1.24 – 1.37

  • Depth: 244mm / 9.6

  • Starting weight: 2.19kg (4.8 lbs) with 6-cell battery and DVD+/-R

Vostro 1450 Laptop (overview)

Goods in Vostro 1450

  1. Exceptional battery backup: Vostro 1450 has amazingly huge battery life, I have seen 2 movies length 100 minutes each, using earphones, I started the movies when it was fully charged, and saw the movies without power. After 200 minutes of movies, i was able to browse the internet for about 2 and 1/2 hours and I was really impressed by that.

  2. Good performance : I have never had any lags/ freezes.

  3. Spill-proof and neatly integrated Keyboard (VAIO Style)

  4. HDMI : This is a great factor in it.

  5. WiFi and Camera are very good.

Bads in Vostro 1450

  1. Bad, bad and bad boot up time, and well that't the only bad thing about this one.

  2. You can never ever ever disable the touch pad even as the short cut to disable it is given (Fn + F3)


Performance - 4 Stars

Tech Specs     - 3.5 Stars

Hardware        - 3.5 Stars

Boot up            - 2 Stars

Price                  -  3.5 Stars

This one deserves to be given a shot, overall, i will rate it  3.5 based on boot up time, and truly speaking, if it had a boot up time of even 30-40 seconds, i would rate it 4. I am thinking of upgrading its RAM to 4 GB to get its start up time below 50 seconds (hopefully). This is a very good laptop in its range for not so extreme use, browsing, movies, music, work (programming) and other regular stuff. I haven't tried any gaming but its sure it won't run it. If you are looking for a decent and good looking VAIO styled keyboard laptop, than this is it. Other than this, Vostro 1450 is a good, in fact a very good buy @  35000 Rs.

My recommendation - Yes! 


  1. Would you recommend going for the a more powerful processor ?.How about the speakers,is it powerful enough?.And what about the display color reproduction ?

  2. Yes Jibin, you can go for more powerful processor as Vostro 1450 comes up with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2450M processor (2.50 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz) with 4 GB RAM, rest is same apart from the addition of one RUPEE Symbol key in the successor.
    Speakers - Good enough. 3.5/5
    Colors - Good 4/5

    This (i5 + 4GB RAM) is priced at around 38,000

  3. Actually i was thinking of buying the same. But you are saying it won't run games. What type of games u were talking about? And if i buy it with dedicated video card of amd radeon then, will it be able to run 'those' games? Or can you suggest some other lappy with similar specifications and price?

  4. Hi Tarun, this one wont run heavy graphics games, but yes some basic games can be played like older versionsof GTA, EA Cricket, an EA Football etc. Just a NOTE, if you need a gaming arena, at 35-40K, assemble a PC.

  5. Thanks for your advice.

  6. Hi Chunkz,

    Thanks in Advance....I am thinking to buy this lappy with i5 processor and 4gb RAM.
    Will it also take more time to boot on this configuration ??
    And wats about sound quality, web cam and battery backup?


  7. Hi Vipin, Yes the i5 processor has better boot up time and the 4 gb will also help the cause. Sound is good, camera is fine and battery life is too good.

  8. Hi Chunks, Thanks for reply !!

    do you want to suggest me any other laptop (any brand) in the same price(35k from flip kart)
    and i m little confused my two choice
    first- dell vostro 1450
    and second Samsung RV Series RV411-S02IN (31k from flip kart)
    but Samsung also has 1gb graphics card ......

    could you suggest me which would be better Samsung or dell vostro ?

  9. HP Notebook G Series G4-1201TU Laptop this is also has same same configuration in same price please help me out in my three choice ...

  10. Hi Vipin, i am using Dell Vostro since 5-6 months and i would say this is a good option as of now. If you need any other option in similar range, you might want to look at this range

  11. Hi Varun,

    Thanks for reply...i bought dell vostro 1450 with i3/4gb,window7 just two days before... and its working fine.good battery life, good sound quality.

  12. Hi Vipin, congratulations for your new gadget, you have chosen a great laptop for yourself. Just a few tips, clean your disk space and defragment them every week, schedule it to any day of the week. Use CCleaner and run it every day before going to sleep, you will feel the difference. Also disable any unused apps from your windows, visit the link i posted below.

    these are for Windows 7 and not for laptop :)


  13. Hi Varun....Thanks for tips and the link , its very helpful.

  14. I bought the laptop from flipkart,,,having a lot of issues crashed giving blue screen error 3-4 times..after that I reinstalled the OS.It is giving touchpad issues.I reinstalled the drivers it didnot solve the problem..stills remains....really disappointed with DEll.Friends warned me for taking DELL ,but I trusted the brand,....still loans are not paid....

  15. Hi buddy! I loved d review, its very well written. Thanks!! I've decided that i'll go for this one!

  16. Thanks Pritam :) enjoy your new gadget.


  17. Hi Abhishek,

    Its really unfortunate that you had such issues with your laptop. But it might be just a case of faulty product. You should contact flipkart and Dell customer service.


  18. hiiee
    i am purchasing dell vostro 1450...
    can u tell me exact price of it..

  19. Hi Abhinav,

    The price for dell vostro 1450 Ci3/ 2GB/ 320GB is approximately 27000 (+-500) and Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB is 34500 (+-500)

    #Source - Flipkart


  20. should i buy vostro 1450 with i3/i5 processor and 4 gb of ddr3 ram

  21. Hi Atisaya,

    I would recommend i5/ 4gb. Its better on multitasking than i3.


  22. Hi

    How do we type the rupee symbol in Dell Vostro

  23. Hi Reggie,

    I haven't tried it myself as its not on my laptop, but you can try it by alt + the symbol key, or may be press alt 2 times.



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