Sunday, January 26, 2014

iPhone 6 –The Tech Wrench’s Way

Well, it has always been a tough job guessing what the next iPhone will look like. From the original iPhone 3 to 3GS, iPhone 4 to 4S, and iPhone 5 to 5S, where eventually Apple changed the trends and got in another iPhone variant called the iPhone 5C, we always go by the amazing conceptualized iPhones which are every Apple fanbois dream, but what we get is a stretched versions of previous models amalgamated with some software upgrades, some aluminum casing, or for that matter, latest in the trend, a touch sensor, which for some reason was the most unwanted and unimaginable feature to be put in a phone and then bragged about.


Another in line is now the most talked about phone of the year 2014, which eventually is the question that comes up right after the iPhone launch event every year is how the next iPhone would look like?
Apple has always gone the easy way in terms of its iPhone design, which is very unlike its biggest rival Samsung, who have taken the world of smartphone to a whole new level by its Galaxy series phones. Apple is still on cloud nine by the sales and the queues they get after their launch but by no means should they forget how badly the iPhone 5C fell in the smartphone market.

Anyways, lets talk a bit about the upcoming iPhone, which most definitely will be called the iPhone 6 because as per the trends, we already have had the “S” version of the previous model. What is to be upgraded in next iPhone?

a.) The screen: We would suggest Apple to increase the screen size, not stretching the phone. If Apple is looking to launch the iPhone with a rumored 4.7 or 5 inch screen, it should be done diagonally, because whosoever thought that iPhone 5 was having a larger screen should be rephrased, “It had a taller screen, not a large one.” So practically, Apple hasn’t yet made a larger iPhone, just taller.

An iPhone 6 Parody

b.) The design: Ahh, it is a tough job being a designer at Apple, you have to design a new looking phone every year. I never thought that BlackBerry ever made more identical phones than Apple already has in the last 5 years. For iPhone 6, Apple must come up with a fresh design. As of now, I have to see the sides of a smaller iPhone to confirm if it is an iPhone 4 or 4s, and have to look at the home button to find out between 5 and 5S. Come on designers at Cupertino, make a really different looking iPhone this time, if Tim Cook allows you to.

c.) Retina Display: What a layman calls a 1080 or full HD or whatever display, Apple calls it Retina Display, Retina+ display or whatever they want. What we need is a phone which have enough pixels to show us the number, pictures or full HD videos. Though we are definitely expecting the 4K display in iPhone 6. We have a rumored new technology termed as Retina+ Sharp IGZO display.

d.) Strategy: What backfired with the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C? The decision to call off the iPhone 5, which was done for 2 reasons, so as to get as much sales as possible for iPhone 5C and other was to declare that iPhone 5 was a dud. Now what Apple will do with the iPhone 6 launch, call off the 5C, 4S or 5S? There are now too many iPhones to choose from but somewhere down the line, Apple needs to think and think really hard which way they are actually going.

e.) iOS: From the previous point, Strategy – who thought at Cupertino that iPhone 4 would be able to run iOS 7? it is indeed not a smooth experience on the 4S and how could they possibly release for the iPhone 4.

f.) Steve Jobs: Well, at last we must say, Apple needs a Steve Jobs, not an iPhone. We loved Steve for what he did to the phones, he took the smartphones to a whole new level but left us midway, or should we say prematurely. iPhone was Steve Jobs' baby and he died during its infancy. An iPhone 5 from Steve Jobs would have been light years different from the iPhone 5 we actually got from Apple.
There have been tons of conceptualized images of iPhone 6 but we prefer not to confirm on any of those, we think it is best to confirm on it once it is officially out. Enjoy the parody above from thetechwrench.

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