Saturday, May 31, 2014

Apple iPhone 6, All You Need to Know

Since the release of the original iPhone, all we do every year is to anticipate what the new iPhone might look like, this year is no different either, with iPhone 6's release in sights and all the predictions and guesses regarding its looks and specs have been going around for a long now. Just when iPhone 5S and 5C rolled out, the leaks were almost already out.  Many claim iPhone 6 to be a lot bigger than the current one, and going by the trends of Apple, it does seem to be true. The new iPhone is believed to have a larger 4.7" screen along with a second version boasting a 5.5" screen.

The best thing about every iPhone's alternate releases is that the design changes, and when it comes to the 'S' version, only the insides change. So, this year, we all anticipate a completely different iPhone which, of course will be 'the' iPhone 6S of 2015. If leaks are to be believed, which are almost true in many cases, the iPhone 6 could get all new aluminium casing with curved edges. The signature home button is expected to be still in there.

A recent report from Taiwanese tech title DigiTimes [via AppleInsider] also stated that Foxconn is reportedly building the bulk of the iPhone 6 production run The report reaffirms Apple's plans to launch a 4.7" version and a 5.5" version of the iPhone 6.

What you can expect in iPhone 6

A faster processor.
All new and improved finger scanner.
A bigger camera.
A macbook like glowing logo.
All new revamped design.
A larger screen, 2 variants, 4.7" and 5.5".
The Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with a 1080p Full HD resolution.
The use of sapphire glass to make an unbreakable display.
iOS 8

If all of the above adds up, we are in for a truly all new and an ever expensive iPhone ever. It is expected to be released on September 19, 2014.

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