Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Android Dream for BlackBerry

BlackBerry has virtually died for 99.4% of the mobile phone users around the world and when they do come across the new BlackBerry device, they give a very nasty look to it as if they just saw an alien device. Most of the responses include, "Wasn't BlackBerry bankrupt?", "It was dead", "They went out of business", "Do they still make phones?", and on top of everything, "Do they still exist?".

I am an avid BlackBerry user and a fan, and the above responses usually comes after they see my BlackBerry Z10 and its sibling, a BlackBerry Curve 9300. They even come up with this "Why two BlackBerries?" The answer, well I always reply that they solve my purpose. Yes, they do. The Z10 being a superior (of course to my Curve) does all the browsing, e-mail handling, social and other heavy stuff, while Curve is just a side phone now (I love physical k/b). They do solve my purpose, the purpose of e-mail - which without any doubt is the best in the BB10 OS compared to iOS, Android or Windows, the Hub, which is the collaborated area to handle the social stuff, e-mails, texts, chats etc. and is one of THE best features of BB10 OS. The only issue is that it is known to less than 1% of the mobile users world wide.

So, how does BlackBerry jump back into the game? Once the king has now fallen to even less than half of the Windows mobile market share. Android is covering a staggering 79% of the market share with iOS at second with 18%. The answer is pretty much clear, a BlackBerry + Android patch up. BlackBerry still has a over the top virtual Android App running capability on its BB10 OS but the Apps run a bit sluggish and most of them wouldn't even run.

In a recent news and leaks, it has been seen that BlackBerry might be coming out with an Android powered smartphone. Though BB itself hasn't made any official statements but the news is almost certain after BlackBerry and Google started working closely together to set new standards in enterprise mobile security for organizations deploying Android devices.

What remains to be seen in next few months is that how does the market trend goes for if or if not BlackBerry announces any thing related to an Android powered smartphone and how does the market share of less than 1% change.

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