Sunday, January 08, 2012

Playbook @ 13500!!!

Well well well... RIM has really surprised everyone with this deal. BlackBerry Playbook prices slashed by 50% and now it costs mere 13.5k  for the 16 gb version, 15.7k and 24.7k for 32gb and 64gb respectively.

This post is basically not the review on Playbook but rather a take on the RIM's strategy, or whatever it is. I will briefly(without technical analysis) compare the Playbook with some of the currently available tabs in the same range and will conclude whether its a good deal or not(IMO).

RIM PlayBook

This playbook certainly has an edge over the other tabs, in terms of quality of hardware, RIM has done a great job as always, but the OS is the area which is the main concern, at least for people. I am using BB OS6 on my curve 3G and loving every bit of it. The ease of use, the freshness and the smoothness is something which I love about the BB OS. I have used the IOs and droid, symbian and windows are somewhat naive nowadays. IMO, when people say playbook is a fail and its due to its OS, I would like them to ask few questions;
1.) If you are in favor of Droid/IOs, is it. Due to the number of apps, or precisely the number of free apps?
2.) If you are against BB OS due to lack of apps, newness of droid, or for that reason the costliest data plans, then please lookout further...
If you are planning to buy a tab in range of 12k to 16k, than look no further than Playbook, now the reasons I am favoring this are,

Against reliance 3G tab. Which is slick and thin looking, and runs droid, Playbook is much better looking and performs great, hardware config beats every competitor.

Against any other tab, hcl, moto, iBall etc, which are getting into the market on the shoulders of android is bit strange to me. Ask yourself before buying, are you really going to use 1 lac apps, or even free apps? The count might be enough to rule out BB playbook straight away, but BB still stands out IMO.

For people looking out for review on playbook, this isn't the right place as I told earlier. This is just to let you know that its selling at a price at which you don't have to think twice, it will have the apps which will be usefull, it still plays movies, songs, it still let's you browse the internet, it still let's you check your inbox, it still let's you write on facebook wall, it still let's you tweet, and after all,  its still a Blackberry.

Remember, Quality, not quantity that matters...

My recommendation, Yes! 

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