Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope for BlackBerry Users

Everything has been topsy turvy for the Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry off late. The headlines during last month of it being sold off to Fairfax at $4.7 billion raised many eyebrows and the users were left disappointed of loosing their brand which once was the most trusted. Well, to those, here is a glimmer of hope as on October 15th, BlackBerry used the print media to convey their message loud and clear to current BlackBerry users in hopes of setting things straight.

BlackBerry Z10

This was posted over 30 major news publications across 9 countries to let long-time BlackBerry users know, "You can still count on us". Just as they've been there for the dedicated users all along, they want the world to know they'll still be there to provide best in class security, productivity, EMM and social networking.

BlackBerry tweeted the post saying "Why you can continue to count on BlackBerry: A message we shared today: http://blck.by/GVwKp1"

BlackBerry Tweet

While this might be a good news for the user and its seekers, people still haven’t forgotten their BBM fiasco which fueled fire to its demise last month, but anyhow, it's great to see BlackBerry stick to their guns and send across a clear message to make a strong statement and reassuring people that they are not dead, yet.

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